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The Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament was created by an experienced and motivated group of volunteers wanting to give back and honor ALL United States Veterans; young and old. This tournament is an excellent opportunity to show our support to all our troops. The Spirit Of Aransas Pass Proudly Announces ‘Vets Fishing With Vets’ – A Star-Spangled Celebration Of Food, Fun, Fishing And Fund-Raising Honoring U.S. Veteran.

Team rules & sign up

2019 Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament Rules

Date: TBA

Redfish Bay Boathouse, Aransas Pass TX



It is understood that all participants and occupants of their boasts registering for the Vets Fishing with Vets Fishing Tournament do so voluntarily and at their own risk.  Each registered participant agrees to release and hold harmless tournament officials, sponsors, and all others connected directly or indirectly with the said tournament from any liability, libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, injury, harm or death suffered by any participant during the tournament.

This tournament is open to all Veterans, Current Military and immediate dependents from any branch of service that possesses a valid Texas Fishing License. Guides or other boat drivers are allowed, but are not allowed to fish nor compete. A veteran guiding or veteran boat driver operating their own boat will be considered as an entrant and allowed to fish as a team member. All team members must be listed and paid. In the event that a veteran cannot afford the entry fee, you can contact the tournament committee in advance for assistance.

ENTRY FEES:  An entry fee of $ 25 per person is required.  A team can consist of up to four (4) anglers.  ENTRY FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  Late registrants will not be guaranteed a goody bag.

REGISTRATION AND CAPTAIN’S MEETING:  The first 250 participants registered are guaranteed to receive goody bags and meals at Captain’s meeting.  The Captain’s meeting will be held on TBA at Redfish Bay Boathouse in Aransas Pass, Texas and registration will be from TBA followed by the Captain’s meeting.  It is very important that at least one team member attend the Captain’s meeting. 

DIVISIONS: This is an amateur fishing tournament.  A team is defined as up to four (4) veteran anglers in one boat. This tournament has a guided and non-guided division. This must be declared at the time of entry. Participants fishing with a guide will automatically be entered into the guided division as a team. ALL PROFESSIONAL GUIDES MUST HAVE A COPY OF THEIR USCG LICENSE & GUIDES LICENSE REGISTERED WITH THE TOURNAMENT.

ASSISTANCE: A participant can be assisted with baiting the hook, casting, or netting, but the individual participant must “set the hook” and reel the fish to the net or boat his or her self.

TACKLE: The use of live, dead, or artificial bait is allowed. However, all fish have to be caught on a rod and reel.

ONE POLE PER ANGLER: An angler can have more than one (1) pole with them or in the boat, but can only fish with one (1) line in the water at a time.

BOUNDARIES: Boundaries are the territorial waters of the State of Texas. You may fish by boat, kayak, wading, the bank, jetties, or pier. No fishing 500 yards from the Port Aransas Ferry Landing or 300 yards from tournament site. If fishing by boat any ramp and trailering is allowed.  However, no fish taken from private impoundments or waters not accessible to the public are permitted.

PERMITTED FISHING TIME:  You can boat to or walk to your area beforehand but there are no lines permitted in the water before 6:30AM.  Official time will be given at the Captain’s Meeting/Reception on April 26, 2019. The Tournament Directors watch will serve as the official time.

Stringers:  The team stringer consists of (2) Trout and (2) Redfish.

Redfish/ Trout:  Redfish – at least 20” and not greater than 28”. Trout – at least 15” and not greater than 25”. Your team must decide the Redfish and Trout to weigh in prior to approaching the weigh master.  If you bring an undersized or oversized fish to the weigh master, you will not be allowed to go back to your ice chest to get a different fish.

Ties: In the event of a weight tie, the first team to weigh in will prevail. Decisions of the weigh master are final.

Altering Fish: The fish weighed in cannot be altered in any way. Tails cannot be cut, nothing can be stuffed in them, and they must be fresh and caught on tournament day.

Applicable Laws: You must obey any Federal, State, and Local laws at all times. Violation of any Federal, State, and/or Local laws will result in the disqualification of you and your team from the event, and may disqualify (at the discretion of the Tournament Committee) you and your team from future events

WEIGH IN:  A MEMBER OF THE TEAM MUST BE IN LINE WITH ALL FISH TO BE WEIGHED IN BY THE CUT-OFF TIME OF 4:00 PM on April 27, 2019. NO FISH WILL BE ALLOWED TO WEIGH IN THAT ARE NOT IN LINE BY 4:00 PM. A line monitor appointed by the Tournament Director will determine the last eligible team in line.  Please, only bring fish to be weighed in to the line to reduce congestion and crowding.  No fish will be allowed to weigh in prior to 2:00PM on April 27, 2019.  OFFICIAL AND ONLY WEIGH SITE IS REDFISH BAY BOATHOUSE.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Any angler or guide, who displays poor sportsmanship, violates any tournament rules, or any state or local game laws can be disqualified without recourse or refund. In addition, any act verbal or physically that reflects unfavorably on the tournament may be reason for disqualification.

NATURAL DISASTER: In the event of a natural disaster or inclement weather, the tournament may be postponed and rescheduled to a later date at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

TROPHY CATEGORIES:  GUIDED AND NON-GUIDED DIVISIONS 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place for the following categories:

Guided-Heaviest Stringer (2 Redfish & 2 Trout)

Guided-Heaviest Redfish (1 Redfish)

Guided-Heaviest Trout (1 Trout)

Non-Guided-Heaviest Stringer (2 Redfish & 2 Trout)

Non-Guided-Heaviest Redfish (1 Redfish)

Non-Guided-Heaviest Trout (1 Trout)


$ 25 Guided Heaviest Stringer

$ 25 Guided Heaviest Redfish

$ 25 Guided Heaviest Trout

$ 25 Non-Guided Heaviest Stringer

$ 25 Non-Guided Heaviest Redfish

$ 25 Non-Guided Heaviest Trout

Release Hold Harmless and Indemnity:

Upon entry of the Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament you understand and agree to the following:

In considerations of being allowed to enter the Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament, each person agrees and contracts release, indemnity and holds harmless The City of Aransas Pass, Redfish Bay Boat House, LLC, Harbor Nights, LLC, the Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament, Officers, Directors, Employees, Sponsors and Weigh-In Station Directors, including indemnity for any negligent acts or omissions of the forgoing release and indemnifies parties, from any and all liability, claims, or damages arising out of any matter whatsoever connected with the planning, operations or conduct of the Tournament, and including but not limited to claims for personal injury, wrongful death, survival damages, costs, expenses or claims relating in any way to the registering for or fishing in the Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament. Each entry is acting as an independent not under the continuing supervision and control of the Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament personnel and agrees that the Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament Officers the City of Aransas Pass, Redfish Bay Boat House, LLC. And/or Harbor Nights, LLC. shall not under any circumstances be liable under or by any reason of this agreement, directly or indirectly, for any accident, injury, breakage or damage to property or person whatsoever growing out of any activities related to the Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament activities. Each fisherman releases the Vets Fishing with Vets Tournament the right to publish, photograph, and or broadcast any name as a prize winner, and all other matters incidental therein.

THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES TO THE RULES UP TO THE TIME OF THE CAPTAIN’S MEETING. Rules presented at the Captain’s Meeting will be the final rules and therefore one member from each team or individual must be present. For any additional information, please contact Rule Committee Chairman Geoff Austin, 361.510.8708


Make Checks Payable To:
Spirit of Aransas Pass
(501(c)(3)Non-Profit #46-310-4622)
322 Huff Street
Aransas Pass, TX 78336